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Juodkiškio Str. 48a, LT-57223
Kėdainiai, Lithuania
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Manufacture of polyethylene articles (bags, sheets, films) and warning tapes on requests of customers. V. Lukšys Enterprise “Maišelis“ is constantly investing in the modernisation of production equipment. It ensures the expedition in performing the orders and the excellent quality of production.

In close cooperation with our customers, we find out about their needs and discuss any requirements in respect of a product. We provide our customers with a possibility to order bags of diverse purpose and with specific attributes.

  • Manufacture of nonstandard packing. We are ready to realize any specific orders. We can produce bags of nonstandard size, thickness, and type.
  • Printing of colour inscriptions on polyethylene bags/film. We can print by means of flexography the logo of customer‘s company or any other information required by our customers on polyethylene bags. We offer the print of up two colours on one side of a bag.
  • Airing holes. Customers project and specify the number, place and size or airing holes in bags.
  • Double bottom seam. Bags are intended for heavier products or liquids with an extra bottom seam supporting the bag.
  • Application of adhesive tape. On request of customers, we can apply an adhesive tape on a bag.
  • Packing of polyethylene production (bags, sheets, etc.). Customers can choose the number of products required in a packing and the mode of product packing (polyethylene packing or cardboard boxes).
  • Delivery of manufactured production. V. Lukšys Enterprise “Maišelis“ offers an expeditious delivery of goods to its customers within Lithuania and outside the country.